Once or month or so,  my doctor’s office has a CDE come in and teach a two-hour diabetes education session. I’ve been taking a pass, being skeptical about how much I’d learn. This time, though, I decided to quit being difficult and take advantage of the resources being offered me.

It turns out that our instructor is a CDE and has been Type 1 since age 12. (Werther’s Candies are her favorite hypo treatment.) As near as I can tell, she’s a Sanofi employee and gives these education sessions for a living. I really liked her.

My two classmates were an elderly couple who seemed to have somewhat limited comprehension but were nonetheless a hoot.

I did pick up a few things. The instructor said that part of the reason for exercise is that improving the ratio of muscle to fat lowers insulin demand – that’s something I can remember. I also learned that I should check for ketones on sick days and call my doctor if I even have the “small” level.

I was very pleased that the session touched on depression. The instructor said that it’s believed that people with diabetes may have reduced serotonin receptors in the gut, and gave advice on what conditions should trigger a conversation with a doctor.

I gotta say, though, that the highlight for me was the opportunity to play with an insulin pen. Part of the point of the session, I think, was to increase the comfort Type 2’s would have about going on insulin when the time came. The instructor passed around these pens filled with water and taught us how to prepare a shot. We weren’t allowed to inject, though. This disappointed me a touch, because I would have gladly injected saline to see what it was like and out of solidarity with my brothers and sisters in the DOC. But still, I’d heard them talked about so much, it was fun to see what they’re actually like. (Doubtless, if and when I need to use them for real, the thrill will wear off in a hurry.)

So, anyway, I’m now eduficated in the mysteries of the beetus. When does BG paradise start? (I kid, I kid….)

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  1. PrincessLadyBug:

    I’m so proud of you!! I’ve been a T1 for nearly 21 years now & I too was fascinated by the pens last year when I started on them. If I knew how to reload one with saline, I’d like you go for it. But you should know that taking a shot when you don’t need it won’t make us love you any more. You’re already one of us honey. No shot needed. :)

  2. Colleen:

    Pens are easy and painless. Really!

  3. Mike Hoskins:

    Way to go, Bob! I’m the same way… have avoided D-education courses in the past for the same reason. But I’ve ended up going to them and learning something. Plus, you get to meet some good people. No matter how much we know or have lived through, none of us are experts. And I think it’s good to always get a refresher, just to re-educate or remind ourselves about important things we should be doing. Thanks for sharing this, my friend!

  4. Kate:

    I sure wish I had such an opportunity here (free and easy). I intend to ask my doctor about education classes next month. I’ve never been (have never had the opportunity) but I want to see what’s available around here. Who knows, I may actually learn something too! 😉

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