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I haven't been thinking much - let alone doing much - about my diabetes or my health in general lately.

Partly, my focus has been on other things. (My sister once said that life sometimes like a whack-a-mole game: while you're getting one issue dealt with, something you thought was settled pops back up.) But in addition to being somewhat distracted, I've also gotten lazy. Sloppy. Neglectful of things that don't (or shouldn't) require any attention at all except to do them.)

And now I'm really not feeling all that well.

So, I need to do a reboot of my diabetes management. I need to get back to doing the things that have worked for me before.

I need to eat more plant than animal, and I need to eat more green than grain. I need to avoid the snack machine. And I need to eat mostly what I've prepared for myself.

I need to walk to and from work -- all the time, not just most of the time. I have to find ways to move beyond this.

I need to test every morning, and often enough during the day to learn what my patterns are now.

I need to post here more often. I also need to get back to reading more blogs.

I'm trying not to feel guilty. Most folks in the DOC seem to go through this from time to time. And guilt uses energy I need for the reboot.

I need to reboot. And I need to do it now.

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  1. Love you Bob!

    Looking forward to hearing more from you. I need to do most of those same things. For me, it is making them “wants” too.

  2. Been there, done that, repeat. 😉 Kudos for paying attention and understanding what you need to do. You’ve got this Bob.

  3. No need to feel guilty at all. We’ve all been there. And we’re here for you if you need any support or encouragement. :)

  4. I think many of us get to feeling this way and needing a Reboot at year’s end… I know that’s where I’m at. I’ve been doing miserably and not carb counting or doing what I need to in recent months, and I feel so guilty about it. Went on a pump break recently to try and mix it up and get myself motivated, so that’s helping a bit. But you can do it. And it helps so much having DOC friends to share in the support. Thanks for writing this, and good luck on starting your reboot, Bob.

  5. Yep, right there with you on this too.

    Small steps. And one of my favorite phrases of all time is “focus on progress, not perfection.”

  6. I love Scott’s comment.

    I think that this point, this complacency, is a parallel between many chronic diseases. But, the difference between an engaged person living with a disease and an apathetic one, is that the engaged ones, like yourself, realize when they are slipping . . . and make a plan to reboot.

    I’m totally proud of you, and if there’s anything I can do to help you stay on track, let me know. :]

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