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As I've been getting geared back up with my diabetes care over the last few days, a not-so-pretty pattern has emerged. (Or, at least, I think it has: it occurs to me as I type that I'm drawing some big conclusions from a small sample size. Hmm.) It seems like my BGs are higher than I want to be most of the time except for during my mid-afternoon dip and (history suggests) for a period early in the night.


It's been a somewhat tough few days in a number of ways, and yesterday found me pretty distressed about the diabetes stuff. I’ve felt like I had to structure my diet so as to keep my numbers where I want them. That would not only have been very difficult, but I know from experience that it's just not sustainable. I can't maintain a sense of depriving myself for all that long before there are, um, incidents.


As I lay in bed this morning, considering my situation with a mind fortified by a little sleep, it came to me that I was going about it wrong. I don't need dramatic self-deprivation, I need patience.  Step up the exercise to help with insulin resistance, try to eat sensibly, continue to gather data, and see what happens. Panicking will only make me miserable.


Breathe, Bob. Just breathe.


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  1. Breathe, Bob. Just breathe.
    Good advice from yourself to yourself because YOU matter!! :)

  2. Oh that’s a virtue I fear I lack as well. You have a solid plan, friend.

  3. “Just breathe” is a phrase that the people in my life often hear from me. Probably more often than they’d like. I’m usually the calm one in an emergency or stressful situation. Mostly because on this one thing, I can usually take my own advice. Patience is not only a hard lesson to learn, it’s a hard one to practice. But with diabetes (or any chronic disease), it is essential. You can’t tell much with a quick snapshot. A larger picture is needed. The changes that matter & will have a lasting effect often don’t show results right away. So please do take your own advice & just breathe. You might not think so, but you’re doing great.

    And this is where I put in my disclaimer. The just breathe method is aggressively tossed out the window when my BG drops below 50. The only method I have then is EAT ALL THE THINGS!!! I freely admit that one. :)

  4. I can hear Barb, “Breathe, just breathe.”
    Patience – I usually think I have very little.
    But – thanks to the DOC, I’ve learned to take baby steps and one day at a time.
    How about trying just one meal a day to structure for the d?
    And give yourself a break, even if it messes up your numbers. Take a walk after the break.
    Plan your “incidents.” That way, you’re in charge.

  5. You can do it, Bob! Take it slow and steady.

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