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A Note to the Reader

I need to tell you all something. I have a quite a bit that I want to say about my walking program and my efforts to slowly add other kinds of exercise to it. But I'm a little worried about how this will be received. Although I feel good about my progress, I don't write about it to brag, or to act superior to anybody, or to tell anybody else that they should be doing the same thing. As a reader, I get pretty annoyed when I feel like a blogger writes as if they've Discovered The Truth, and I don't want to do that.

This is the most progress I've made in caring for my own health since my diagnosis, maybe in my whole life. I need to write about how I feel about it, both the feelings of success and the anxiety about the possibility of failing. I need to write about trying to complement the exercise with some progress on the food front. I need to talk about what the exercise is doing for me as well as what it's not doing for me.

I hope that you'll hang in with me and that there's value for you in reading about this new aspect of my diabetes journey. I also hope that you'll forgive me if I can't maintain my goals. I won't be writing about this every day, but I may do so fairly often for a while.

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  1. That second to the last paragraph is kinda the point of the DOC. I say you keep writing ;)

  2. It’s not bragging. It’s encouraging to others who want to do the same for themselves.
    Your “walk logs” have made me smile out here in NH, with a “Go, Bob!” in my head as I read.
    Yup, keep writing!

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