T Minus Two Type Two Diabetes and Other Passions


Why Keep Doing It?

That guy can not be having any fun.

It's the 5th or 6th of July during almost any of the twenty years I've lived in this apartment building. In the park across the street, which in recent days has been the scene of many illegal fireworks, one man is setting off the last of his stash.

(Yes, the person could be a woman. But c'mon. It's a guy.)

Here is what it sounds like:






And so forth. And so on. And, sometimes, for an hour or more of so ons.

Maybe the guy feels that it's unwise to store fireworks, or maybe he's just stubborn about using the fireworks he's purchased. Whatever his motive, it's hard for me to imagine that he's enjoying himself.

After my diagnosis with Type 2 diabetes, one of the first changes I made was to quit ordering french fries and to not accept the dinner roll that comes with many meals at a sit-down restaurant. The reasoning was simple: I don't like french fries that much, and I don't especially like most dinner rolls, either. It was an easy change to make. I now order french fries only a few times a year, and take a dinner roll only if the rest of the meal is pretty low carb and I think I'm going to want it.{Of course, if you really like french fries or dinner rolls, it's not the same thing for you.)

Granted, it's a small thing, especially considering some of the foods I don't pass up. But I figure that there have been a lot of french fries over the years that I haven't eaten, and that's not meaningless. Perhaps there are other things that I eat mostly out of habit even though I don't especially enjoy them.

Why keep doing it if it isn't fun?


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  1. Thank you, Bob, for making me think on this a little bit.

    I am sure that I am a victim of many habits that aren’t enjoyable or that give me temporary pleasure with lasting pain. I would love to get in the habit of refusing things that I don’t enjoy enough to make it worthwhile.

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