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Makeover: Not a Post About Clothing or Hair

An allegory. Or a metaphor. Or a random neural firing. Or something.

Once upon a time there was a man who’d never paid much attention to how he dressed. He tried wear clothing appropriate to the situation, but mostly wanted things that were comfortable and easy to care for.

Then, a friend talked him into making some changes. The friend took him to a store where he replaced his business clothes with things that fit well, were made of quality materials, were fashionably cut and colored, and made him look like he earned a bit more than he currently did. Then, the friend took him to a different store for “having fun” clothes that were bright and pleasingly eye-catching.  Finally, the friend took him to a salon where he was taught to style his hair in a way that was very attractive but much different than he’d ever worn before.

Back alone at home, the man examined his new look in the mirror. The changes, he knew, were just beginning. Getting ready for work or a social event would take longer, and he’d have to spend more time caring for the new clothes. Further, he would have to regularly replace items in his new wardrobe to keep it fashionable and in good repair.

There were other things, too, maybe more important. The man suspected that the people around him would react to him a little differently, and new acquaintances would be meeting a somewhat different person.  And, he understood, he would even have to adjust how he perceived himself.

The man loved his new look. But, as he examined himself in the mirror, he asked himself:

“Am I still me?”
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  1. Ohhhhh….. I so relate to this post – on the surface level ABOUT clothing and hair and also on a deeper mental/spiritual level. On the surface, I try to dress well and fix my hair and occasionally wear make up, and then I slowly slide back to comfortable until the next try. I’d say I’m better now than 10 years ago, so a small amount of progress has been made. Same thing spiritually. Cycles of growth followed by periods of lazy selfishness. Diabetes though… Sugar. Food. Eating. Health. Sometimes it feels like I’ve got nothin’. No will power. No progress. That’s me. It’s the way I’ve always been. What would happen to “me” if I ate right, exercised, became healthy and strong? Would I still be nice? Funny? Would people still like me? Or would they like me MORE?

  2. So does this man have an answer to that last question?

    I think that we can change the way we look and the way we dress, but what is underneath is more important – both in the positive and the negative and both in how we view ourselves and how we view others.

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