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Happy Birthday, Sir Frederick

This has become my annual World Diabetes Day post. It was first published two years ago.

Today would have been the 120th birthday of Frederick Banting, the man who (along with Dr. Charles Best) discovered insulin.

Perhaps you are an insulin-dependent diabetic, or love such a diabetic, and understand full well what you owe to Sir Frederick and why this day is celebrated as World Diabetes Day. Wish Sir Frederick a happy birthday.

Perhaps you are like me, a diabetic who is at this point still able to produce your own insulin, but realize that a time may come when insulin will be as important to you as oxygen. Wish Sir Frederick a happy birthday.

Perhaps you are not aware of knowing any insulin-dependent diabetics. But you almost certainly have. Spare a thought, today, for the acquaintance, whoever it might be, that you never would have known had it not not been for the work of these men. Wish Sir Frederick a happy birthday.

Please, take just a moment. Even though insulin is in no way a cure for diabetes, it has saved the lives of millions.

Please wish Sir Frederick a happy birthday.

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