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Really, Really Good

(In which I don't discuss health at all.)

The other night I remembered a scrap from a piece by an author pretty widely regarded as one of the greatest writers of English. You know, "great" as in leather-bound editions, academic conferences, the whole bit. I was inspired to look up the larger passage the scrap was from (thank you, Internet!), and I noticed something that struck me pretty forcibly:

The passage I was reading isĀ good. Really, really good.

I then thought about other examples of stuff widely seen as "great" that I really enjoy. The things I thought about included a rock song and a couple of painting.

Of course, nothing works for everybody. I'm not mentioning the works I thought about to take specific examples out of the discussion.

I guess my point is this: sometimes something's reputation as "great" can oddly interfere with our own enjoyment of us. Somehow the acclaim gets in the way of how we might react to it if we came across it unawares.

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